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When Seconds Matter

Posted on Friday, January 12, 2024 at 10:00 am

Seconds matter in 911 calls

By Patty Blackburn-Staff Writer

Are you interested in placing a reflective sign on your mailbox that displays your street number? If you do not have your address displayed on your mailbox or house, and someone at this address requires an ambulance, there is a chance minutes are lost in receiving medical assistance.

One of the problems that emergency responders encounter is the fact that the address of the 911 caller cannot be located. A reflective sign with the street number can be ordered for $20 from the Marshall County Office of Emergency Management at 931-359-5810 and order forms are available at 230 College Street, Room 100, Lewisburg. This office is in the Hardison School building. Matt Fox, Chief at South Marshall Fire Department can be contacted by phone/text 931-625-1093 to place an order also.  A volunteer fireman will install the sign on the mailbox if requested.

A 911 address sign is made from the same material as an official traffic sign, meaning that the reflectivity of the sign will help the numbers be seen from a greater distance. Emergency responders are trained to look for these signs. Day or night, the signs help with quicker responses times  –  this is crucial when there are medical calls especially where an individual’s life is at stake. Order a sign. Make sure those you love can be found quickly when emergency responders are requested.