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Tigerettes edge Shelbyville, Eagles down Tigers

Posted on Thursday, April 18, 2024 at 9:53 pm

Post Photo by Chris Siers Annabelle Mulliniks returns a serve in doubles action. She, along with partner Anna Clair Ricahrdson took the 8-5 win.

SHELBYVILLE — The Shelbyville Central tennis teams split matches with visiting Marshall County on Thursday, with the Tigerettes edging out a 4-3 win over the Eaglettes, while the Eagles claimed a convincing 5-2 win.
It was hard-fought match in the girls’ side
Marshall County claimed three singles victories, with Sophie Ray taking a No. 2 win over Anna Clair Richardson, 8-5, while Evelyn Basurto took an 8-6 win over Maggy Phillips.
Marshall County’s No. 1 Annabelle Mulliniks picked up an 8-1 win over Caitlyn Burdick.
The two teams split doubles matches, with Mulliniks and Richardson taking an 8-4 win over Burdick and Ray, while Ryann Samons and Alyssa Fanning picked up the 8-3 win for the Eaglettes in the No. 2 doubles match.
For the boys, it was a strong showing for the Shelbyville tennis squad.
Justin Spence and Jackson Benson picked up singles victories of 8-4 and 8-3, respectively, while Hoyt Wessner and Tucker Johnson took 5-2 and 8-6 wins.
Benson and Johnson also won the Eagles’ lone doubles match, 8-4.

1. Annabelle Mulliniks (MC) def. Caitlyn Burdick (SC), 8-1.
2. Sophie Ray (SC) def. Anna Clair Richardson (MC), 8-5.
3. Olivia Ferrell (MC) def. Ryann Samons (SC), 9-7.
4. Laike Perryman (MC) def. Alyssa Fanning (SC), 8-5.
5. Evelyn Basurto (SC) def. Maggy Phillips (MC), 8-6.
1. Mulliniks/Richardson (MC) def. Burdick/Ray (SC), 8-4.
2. Samons/Fanning (SC) def. Ferrell/Phillips (MC), 8-3.

1. Matleo Lecito (MC) def. Henry Stone (SC), 8-1.
2. Justin Spence (SC) def. Andy Atkins (MC, 8-4.
3. Jackson Benson (SC) def. Anthony Smith (MC), 8-3.
4. Hoyt Wessner (SC) def. Bo Daugherty (MC), 5-2.
5. Tucker Johnson (SC) def. Johnny Palido (MC), 8-6.
1. Matteo/Atkins (MC) def. Stone/Spence (SC), 8-1.
2. Benson/Johnson (SC) def. Smith/Daugherty (MC), 8-4.