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Spring is Around the Corner

Posted on Friday, March 8, 2024 at 11:00 am

By Patty Blackburn

The winter weather will soon be behind us and the soft colors of spring will be all around. Dazzling displays of color produced by flowers, shrubs, and trees will be greatly welcomed, as well as warmer weather.


Daffodils, also known as narcissus, are usually the first to show their faces from barren landscapes as soon as there is warm weather.  If more snow falls after they emerge, they will withstand the cold because they are hardy perennials.  This flower symbolizes hope, joy, rebirth, and new beginnings. The well-known poet, William Wordsworth, wrote a poem about daffodils titled, “I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud.” In the poem, Wordsworth wrote about daffodils fluttering and dancing in the breeze and tossing their heads in sprightly dance. Daffodils gave his heart pleasure and he considered them as company.

Crocuses, also a hardy perennial, have blooms that meet the last traces of winter. These bulbs start crowning the first of February. In the Bible, the crocus is a sign of spring and new life. A verse from the Bible states, “When the rain comes and the crocus blooms, it’s a time for the land and its people to rejoice.”  This flower also symbolizes rebirth, innocence, joy, youth, and cheerfulness. Springtime arrangements are beautiful with the crocuses’ vivid colors. The crocus is also known for its sweet fragrance.


Tulips are classic perennials that also bloom in the spring. They bless the gardens and flower beds with breathtaking colors. Every tulip’s color has its own meaning and interesting superstitions. Red tulips symbolize romance and love. Yellow tulips represent happiness, cheerfulness, and hope. The pink ones send the message of good luck and well wishes to those that receive them.

Forsythia, with their golden blooms, is one of the first flowering shrubs to bloom and the blooms last for several weeks. The flowers bloom in clusters along the branches and display vibrant colors and brightens the yard or garden. Forsythia, a fast growing and easy to transplant shrub, can be layered to make new growth to transform into hedges.


The beautiful redbud tree symbolizes America’s springtime, being one of the earliest spring bloomers. The redbud produces clusters of pink-purple blooms that adorn yards as well as can be viewed among trees along highways. This fast growing tree has a life span of 30-40 years and produces flowers as early as its third year of growth.

The first day of spring is March 19, but these flowers, shrubs, and trees may  bloom before this day. Daffodils and crocuses have already emerged and are blooming. After the bright sun and warm days the week of Feb. 5, the plants are ready to come alive and welcome spring.