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Police Blotter May 30, 2024

Posted on Thursday, May 30, 2024 at 12:04 pm

Missing Vehicle

On May 13, Officer Evans was dispatched to Lewisdale Trailer Park in reference to a missing vehicle. Officer Evans made contact with Cameron T. Staggs who said his black 2012 Nissan Frontier had been stolen. He stated there was nothing of value inside the truck and he had left the keys inside the vehicle. Staggs was then taken into custody due to having a warrant for assault in Maury County. The vehicle was entered into NCIC and a bolo was issued in surrounding counties.


On May 16, PTL Ethan Willis and CPL Dustin Turner were dispatched to 1220 S Ellington Parkway in reference to theft. Contact was made with Jeffrey Cole who said that he left his residence at 3 a.m. on May 16 and when he returned at 8:15 a.m., he noticed the door to the residential portion of the shed was unlocked. After entering the residence, he noticed that his security system DVR was missing. Also, a security camera that was once attached to a pole barn had been moved from its original position.

Behind his residence, on May 12, he found a black pair of pants and a checkered long-sleeved shirt. His residence did not seem to be disturbed and could not find any other items missing around the property. Contact was made with an employee of the business, who stated they did not see anyone there. While on the scene, the employee checked the cash box and stated that bills were missing. The clothing was collected and fingerprints were lifted from the security cameras as well as photographs made.

Unwanted Guest

On May 21, Officer Brooks was dispatched to 730 Franklin Avenue, Summit Apartments, in regards to an unwanted guest. Ptl. Gigliotti arrived on scene and advised the female was Cathey Buttrey and she had left the scene. Pt. Gigliotti also advised the Buttrey had bent a sign that was in front of the building.

Buttrey was then located on North Church Street. When asked what was going on, she stated she went to see a friend but the hall monitor told her she was banned. They began to argue and Buttrey said she walked away. She stated she grabbed the sign and bent it by accident and she did not mean to bend it, that she grabbed it because the hall monitor came towards her and tried to grab her. Officer Brooks informed her that she was officially banned from 730 Franklin Avenue and asked if she understood this. Buttrey walked away from the officer.

The hall monitor stated she went to tell Buttrey to leave since she was banned from the property, and as Buttrey was leaving, Buttrey slammed the door in her face and bent the sign. Two other tenants also stated the same thing as the hall monitor.

Reckless Driver

On May 21, OFC Erik Kritz responded to Shoney’s in reference to a reckless driver. A witness observed a Nissan Sentra pulling into the Shoney’s parking lot and the driver consumed an alcoholic beverage. Upon arriving in the area, the Nissan pulled out of the parking lot and OFC Kritz followed behind the Nissan to observe his driving. The Nissan swerved within its lane and crossed the white line.

The driver then pulled into 350 S Ellington Parkway and contact was made with the driver, who was later identified by dispatch as Recendiz Rivera. OFC Mojica took over since Rivera did not speak English. Rivera performed poorly when the Field Sobriety Test was administered. Rivera was placed into custody and a blood draw was completed at Marshall Medical. He received a warrant for DUI and a bond of $1,000.

Stolen Vehicle

Officer Glenn Smith observed a black Hyundai Santa Fe in the Sunoco gas station parking lot at 302 N Ellington Parkway. This was suspicious since the vehicle was unoccupied and the business was closed. A registration check was made by running the tag which came back to a 2002 Buick, registered to Nobby Parks. After the VIN number was run, dispatch informed Officer Smith that the vehicle had been reported as stolen out of Williamson County. Williamson County was contacted and they requested the vehicle to be towed and they would retrieve it. The vehicle was towed to the Lewisburg City impound lot.