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Police Blotter June 27, 2024

Posted on Friday, June 28, 2024 at 4:00 pm

Stopped Due to Failure to Wear Seatbelt

On June 8, Ptl. Willis and Sgt. Sawyers initiated a traffic stop at 1551 Mooresville Highway after observing the passenger of a vehicle was not using their seatbelt. Contact was made with Kimberly Martin and Stephanie Cozart. An odor of marijuana was detected from inside the vehicle and the female subjects were asked to step out of the vehicle in which they complied.

Cozart was acting nervous and moved her personal belongings around in the front seat of the vehicle. She stepped to the back of the vehicle with Sgt. Sawyers. Det. Crawford conducted a search of her bag where he found three syringe needles, one of which was partially filled with a red substance believed to be blood. He also found a clear bag with a small straw and a bag that had a white powder substance in the bottom of it.

Sgt. Sawyers completed a search of Martin’s bag and found a small metal pipe that had burned black ends. She said she used the pipe for smoking meth about 4 hours prior. Martin was discovered having a suspended license and no insurance on the vehicle. She was cited for Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, driving on a suspended license, and financial responsibility.

Cozart was cited for Possession for Drug Paraphernalia and Failure to wear a Safety Belt.

Welfare Check

On June 7, Officer Glenn Smith responded to an area of Foxboro Drive after receiving a call on a female who was walking by the railroad tracks.

Contact was made with Elizabeth Warrick who stated she and her girlfriend argued at Maple Grove Apartments. Officer Smith knew about a domestic that had occurred earlier in the day and Officer Erik Kritz had just received warrants for a female who fled the scene and the female was Warrick. She was placed under arrest and after she was searched Officer Smith found pills in a metal container and a smoked marijuana cigarette on her. She was taken to the Marshall County Jail due to the Aggravated Assault Domestic Warrant.

After Officer Smith went back to his car, he noticed some change and a white rock-like substance which was believed to be crack. The pills were prescribed and placed with her property.


On June 13, Deputy Elijah Stuard responded to 1480 Powell Lane in reference to a possible theft. Kelly Myatt stated he came from work and a closet door that contained a Sentry safe had the hinge pins removed and the safe was missing. The safe had various personal items and approximately $20,000 in cash. Also a lockbox that contained various vehicle titles was missing. Myatt said that the side door of his residence was unlocked and there were no signs of forced entry. He explained that his girlfriend lives with him but he was not able to get in touch with her due to her not answering her phone.  Detective Thomason was contacted concerning this incident.


On June 18, at approximately 10:40 p.m., Deputy Elijah Stuard responded to 1514 Evelyn Ave. in Chapel Hill, in reference to a possible vandalism. Contact was made with Haleigh Williams who stated that two tires on the passenger side of her Honda Odyssey van had been cut as well as all four tires on her Hyundai Sonata had been cut. Williams stated that there is a Ring camera on her residence but it was unable to capture a suspect cutting her tires.

Williams did state that her ex-boyfriend has been contacting her and she was the protected party in an order granting bail with her ex-boyfriend, Michael Brandy, Jr. being the aggressor. This info was confirmed through dispatch. Williams had multiple text messages and phone call logs where Brandy had been attempting to make contact with her on June 18.

Due to the Violation of Section 5 of the Maury County order granting bail which states that Michael Brandy, Jr. is restrained from direct communication to Haleigh Williams, a warrant for the violation was obtained with a bond of $2,000.