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Police Blotter June 13, 2024

Posted on Saturday, June 15, 2024 at 2:27 pm

Suspicious Vehicle

On May 26, Deputy Chris Burgess was dispatched to 1611 Christi Avenue, Chapel Hill, in reference to a suspicious vehicle, a white 2014 Ford F150, extended cab.  In the past couple of weeks, Deputy Burgess had been dispatched to this area concerning the same vehicle. The vehicle was observed at 1742 Caney Springs and Deputy Burgess stopped to make contact.

Deputy Burgess then spoke with Timothy Smith and asked what he had been doing in the area of Christi Avenue. He stated that he had received texts to meet people at 1611 Christi Avenue and at another address on Lille Fields Lane. (Both incidents had been reported to the Sherriff’s Office.) He stated that he has witnessed an incident in Nashville pertaining to human trafficking, but he would not show Deputy Burgess the text messages. He was advised to stay away from the Christi Avenue address or he would be arrested for trespassing and also told to contact the Sheriff’s Office if he had concerns of human trafficking. In both incidents, female names were given.

Arrest Warrant

On May 30, two deputies went to 132 East Ewing Street to serve an arrest warrant on Amanda Cates. While inside the residence attempting to find Cates, she and Alisha Swesey were in the bathroom with the door closed. Both females were told to come out which Cates did but Swesey stayed in the bathroom. Swesey did exit after being told the second time. Deputy Bermudez found a case under a towel which had pills that contained fentanyl.

Swesey had two active warrants. Both females were transported to the Marshall County Jail. Swesey was served warrants for Simple Possession Schedule II and III along with Legend Drugs – total bond of $6,000.

Motorcycle Vandalized

On June 1, Deputy Callens spoke to Charles Norman in the Sheriff’s Office Lobby. He stated he was assaulted and his motorcycle was vandalized. He then said he had issues with Duane Priske and Elizabeth Corbin concerning the owner of the bike. Priske co-signed the note for the bike and was saying the bike is his but Norman refused to give it to him. Norman also stated that Priske issued a hit on him for $1,500 and that on Saturday night at Momma’s Country someone tried to steal the motorcycle.

Corbin approached him and tried to get the keys out of Norman’s pocket. Corbin then punched Norman in the face which caused his dentures to crack. Norman heard someone say they were calling the cops, so Priske and Corbin left and no call was made to dispatch that night. Two locks were cut off his bike, there was damage to the fuel tank and the front fender. Damages of approximately $2,000, plus the cost to repair his dentures. Norman was advised of his legal options.

Female Slumped Over in Vehicle

On June 1, Officer Gigliotti noticed a Nissan Sentra stopped at a stop sign at the intersection of East Avenue and S Ellington Parkway, with a female slumped over asleep. Officer Gigliotti tapped on the driver’s side front window and the female woke up and said she was just tired. Her license was checked and the officer was notified that the female, Christian Pickard, had a warrant out of Williamson County.

By this time Officer Smith and Officer Brooks had arrived and they asked Pickard to step out of the vehicle. A clear pipe with black residue on the seat was found which Pickard immediately placed into her purse. At this time, she was placed in handcuffs and was read her rights. She then told the officers that there was fentanyl in the vehicle and she had just “used” 30 minutes prior to Officer Gigliotti checking on her.

Her purse was searched and .42 grams of a brown and white crystal like substance consistent with fentanyl was found and a sheet of foil folded up containing more of the crystal like substance. Also found were four pipes with residue on the inside of them and 3 packets of Buprenorphine/Naloxone (an antidote for opioid use disorder.) Pickard was placed under arrest with a total bond of $4,000. The narcotics and paraphernalia were taken into custody, weighed and placed into evidence.