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Police Blotter Jan. 18

Posted on Friday, January 19, 2024 at 2:00 pm

Police Blotter

Possible Stolen Vehicle

Deputy Joey Repasky responded to 2930 Sheppard Branch Road on Dec. 19, in reference to a possible stolen vehicle. Contact was made with Shelby Chapman the owner of the vehicle. Chapman stated the last time she was the vehicle was around 7:00 p.m. on Dec. 18 and when she arrived home on Dec. 19, she found the vehicle missing. Later, Tennessee Highway Patrol found the car wrecked and unable to be driven. It was located at Mid South Towing and Chapman was informed.


On Dec. 24, Cpl. Michael Daniels was on patrol in the parking lot of Walmart when he was approached by Walmart Asset Protection stating that a shoplifter was running across the parking lot. Cpl. Daniels approached the subject who stated he had just left the store and heading to the gas station to buy cigarettes. Asset Protection confirmed this subject was the shoplifter, identified as Jeffrey Carman. Carman had stolen a vehicle Dash Cam and left the empty box in the restroom, and possibly flushed packaging.

Asset Protection agent stated he entered the restroom and heard someone in the stall opening packages. Upon checking the stall, an empty Dash Cam package was found. While trying to stop the subject, he ran out of the store. Cpl. Daniel was approached by several witnesses who stated the subject tossed multiple packs of baseball cards under a vehicle while he was running. The packs of cards were recovered but not the Dash Cam. No merchandise was found on him. Carman was issued a citation for shoplifting and a ban notice which stated not to go into Walmart again.


On Dec. 25, Nicholas Renshaw responded to 612 Woodlawn Avenue to an active domestic in progress. Upon arrival, Renshaw made contact with San’Tasia Brown who told him she already said what happened to dispatch and she wasn’t going to keep repeating herself. She then said she and Tabitha, her mother, argued about a rug. Tabitha tried to slap her but instead slapped the phone. This is when Brown “bust her head in” in self-defense.

Renshaw went next door and talked to Tabitha. Tabitha said she was sleeping on the couch in the living room when her daughter, San’Tasia Brown, woke up and stated yelling at her about a rug that was in the bath tub. Tabitha told Brown that she did not put the rug in the tub. This is when Brown threw the rug at Tabitha. Tabitha then stated that Brown stuck her phone in in her face. Tabitha smacked the phone out of her face and Brown attacked Tabitha. Brown was placed in hand cuffs and transported to the Marshall County Jail without incident. After arriving at the jail, Brown stated that she had suicidal intentions. She was then transported to Marshall County Medical Center. Warrants were issued for domestic assault.