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Police Blotter Feb. 8

Posted on Friday, February 9, 2024 at 8:00 am

Stolen Wallet

On Dec. 29, Officer Evans was dispatched to the Lewisburg Police Dept. to speak to an individual regarding a stolen wallet. Larry Warnack stated that he was at 445 W Commerce Street at approximately 8:54 p.m. and someone entered his vehicle that was unlocked and took his wallet while he was in the store purchasing lottery tickets. His wallet contained his drivers license, social security card, $1,500 in cash, and a debit card. He stated that he canceled his card and later received notifications that attempts were made on his card for online transactions. None of the transactions were successful. Cameras were reviewed but did not capture Warnack’s vehicle or any persons between 8:30 and 10:30 p.m. in the area.

Stolen Trailer

On Jan. 6, a deputy was dispatched to 2636 New Columbia Hwy., regarding a stolen trailer. Jerry L. Prince stated that when he arrived at this address he noticed his 18 foot dovetail car hauler trailer was missing. He described the trailer as black with a green diamond plated floor with a rail across the front and no rails down the sides, dual axle with Kevlar on the tires. Prince said the last time he saw the trailer was Friday, Jan. 5 around 7:00 p.m. at this location. He values the trailer at $3,000. A report was taken and turned into the detectives.

No Pay at Taco Cantina

Officer Erik Kritz, On Jan. 15, responded to 400 N Ellington Parkway at Herradura Taco Cantina, in reference to a group of individuals who left without paying. The cashier stated that three males left without paying, the bill being approximately $50. Officer Kritz received photographs of the individuals and on Jan. 20, he attempted to identify them. Personnel at Herradura Taco Cantina stated they do not want to prosecute at this time – they just want the subjects to pay the bill.


On Jan 20, FTO Turner responded Little Caesars in reference to a fight. Upon his arrival, he found Miyona Hurt upset and sitting on the curb. She had a small laceration on her ankle. Hurt stated her ankle was injured during the altercation which occurred because she asked another employee to do his job. Samual Thomas responded by threatening to hit her. Thomas left the restaurant and returned with his girlfriend Allison Taylor. Hurt, Thomas and Taylor then argued with each other and Thomas pushed Hurt into an oven, at which time Taylor started attacking her. Another employee separated the parties and Thomas and Taylor left.

Contact was made with the manager who confirmed Hurt’s statement. The manager also requested that Thomas and Taylor be banned from Little Caesars. Footage was obtained from the camera, video only. FTO Turner attempted to contact Hurt to inform her how to obtain a summons for assault, but contact was not made as of this date.

Physical Domestic

FTO Gunnar Southerland, on Jan. 24, responded to 1460 Old Columbia Road in reference to a physical domestic incident. Contact was made with Claudia Cox who stated she and her roommate, Alicia Brewer, had been arguing over the fact that her dog had defecated in the residence. She stated that Brewer struck her in the head/face area with a closed fist. Redness was observed on the right side of her face. Brewer also pushed her up against the sink causing a visible injury to her left hip.

Brewer stated they had been arguing because Cox was being disrespectful and that Cox had chest bumped her so she pushed her to get away. She denied striking her in the face. Brewer had a prior outstanding warrant out of Marshall County General Sessions and was taken into custody and transported to jail.

It was determined that Brewer was the aggressor in the domestic assault due to injuries being visible.  A warrant for Domestic Assault was obtained and Brewer was served, issued a bond of $1,000, and ordered to appear in Lewisburg City Court on March 4, 2024.


On Jan. 27, Nicholas Renshaw responded to Rock Market at 2937 Mooresville Highway in reference to a theft. Contact was made with Nickcolus Blakemore who stated he attempted to purchase a Macbook Air from Zaye Green. He met Green at the Rock Market BP. He saw the Macbook in Green’s vehicle and went back to send money by CashApp to Green. He sent $285 and Green handed Blakemore a sack in which he assumed to have the laptop in it. Green drove off. When Blakemore looked in the sack, there was a HP laptop and not the Macbook. He was scammed!  He attempted to look for Green but did not find him. Blakemore reported the payment on CashApp as a scam and called dispatch.

Blakemore was advised that a report will be made. No contact was made with Green. Video footage of this incident was recovered.

Theft of Feed

On Jan. 29, Dep. Chris Burgess was dispatched to 2855 Nashville Highway in reference to theft of horse feed.

Contact was made with Bert Head who stated that sometime between 7 a.m. on Jan. 28 and the time he reported the theft, someone had broken the lock of his grain storage silo and taken approximately 3000 lbs of horse feed. He valued the feed at $1,200. Dep. Burgess photographed the broken karabiner and spoke with neighbors who stated they would check with the rest of their family to see if anyone noticed anything suspicious during that time frame.