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Police Blotter Feb 15

Posted on Friday, February 16, 2024 at 3:00 pm

Unwanted Guest

Cathy Buttrey was an unwanted guest at 203 Boyette Avenue on Jan. 21. She threw things throughout the residence on Jan. 20, left, then returned again on Jan. 21 and continued throwing items while yelling. When Officer McCafferty arrived on the scene, Sgt. Sawyers was attempting to speak with Buttrey, but she would not comply. Officer McCafferty explained to her that they wanted to know what happened and she said a male hit her face and touched her breast while she was laying down. Buttrey began walking away again and when Sgt. Sawyers grabbed her arm, she pulled away. While attempting to gain control of her, and place her in handcuffs, she struck Sgt. Sawyers in the left jaw

and spit on his face. When attempting to place her hands behind her back, she placed her hands in front of her body. When Off. McCafferty got control of her right arm, she leaned over and bit his hair and began moving her head in a direction that pulled his head also. Cpl. Schramm then got control of her left arm and Off. McCafferty placed his body between the car and her right arm while he placed her into handcuffs. While doing this, she bit his right shoulder. She was then finally placed in handcuffs and placed into the patrol car. Buttrey then kicked Cpl. Schramm’s legs multiple times while in the vehicle. Her belongings were then placed in the vehicle and she was transported to the jail.

Cpl. Schramm stayed on the scene and spoke with Larry Cantrell and Michael Cantrell who said Buttrey did throw things around the residence the night before, then left and came back to the residence that morning, started yelling, so they contacted law enforcement. A warrant for Resisting Stop, Halt, and Frisk and three warrants for Assault on a First Responder were obtained. Her total bond is $4,000 and a court day was set. Body Cam events were saved.

Grown men fighting

On Jan. 24, Lewisburg Field Training Officer Gunnar Southerland responded to the area of Jones Circle in reference to a fight. Contact was made with Cameron Shelton and Triston Morton. Morton kept trying to walk away and was advised that an investigation concerning an alleged assault was being made and he needed to stay close. He began cursing and walked up the street where the alleged victim T J Lamplot was located. Morton cursed at Lamplot and made threats. Lamplot alleged that Morton previously assaulted him.

Morton did walk off and contact was made with him again at the pavilion at Jones Park where he continually paced back and forth, cursed, and yelled. An odor of alcohol was detected and he admitted to drinking previously. He became irate and could not speak normally or answer questions. Morton made comments that if he goes to jail, he was going to get out and do something to Lamplot. He was then detained due to his erratic behavior. Morton was arrested for Public Intoxication and taken to jail. A warrant was served and he was issued a $500 bond.

Stolen U-Haul truck

On Jan. 28, Lewisburg Police Officers were dispatched to 1000 S Ellington Parkway in reference to a stolen U-Haul truck.

Contact was made with the complainant, Stephanie Tillman, who stated her sister, Rachel Maynard, had failed to return a U-Haul that she had rented for her. The contract read that the 2014 Ford Ecoline was to be returned on Jan. 15, 2023, at the Lawrenceburg facility. Maynard told Tillman she could not return it due to the weather. So on Jan. 28, Tillman went to pick up the truck but it was not at Maynard’s residence.

Tillman then called the Lewisburg Police Department to report the incident. The vehicle was reported as stolen. A BOLO was issued and a warrant was obtained for Maynard for theft of property. Tillman stated she did not know where Maynard was nor would she answer her.

Vandalism to a residence

On Jan. 28, Off. Brooks was dispatched to L & N Avenue in regard to a vandalism to a residence. Contact was made with Beau Venator and Patty Brumley. They stated they bought this property but they do not live in it. Brumley stated them came to the property because someone called to tell them that the pull behind camper has been vandalized. Brumley observed the damages and when the residence was looked over, more damages were discovered. The pull behind camper had been spray painted with the words “Chuck loves Alisha” on the left side. On the right side of the trailer “AL” was observed. On the backside of the residence “Alisha Swessy” was written in black spray paint.

Off. Brooks did a walk through in the residence with Venator. He stated that nothing was out of place. A neighbor then came over and stated he knew Alisha and to check Billy Cantrell’s residence on Boyette Avenue.

The scene was cleared and Off. Brooks and Cpl. Daniels made their way to 203 Boyette Avenue. They spoke with Billy Cantrell who stated that Swessy had been there earlier and he thought her last name was Swenny. Cantrell also stated that Mike Jones and Swessy/Swenny had taken the black spray paint from his garage. He said that Swessy/Swenny should be back in a few days.


On Jan. 29, Dep. Chris Burgess was dispatched to 3509 Nashville Highway in reference to a suspicious vehicle with a possibly intoxicated driver. Contact was made with a Hispanic male who was passed out behind the wheel with the engine running. Dep. Burgess opened the door to check the driver’s welfare and immediately smelled intoxicating beverages. The driver stepped out of the vehicle, stumbled several times as he walked to the carport to get out of the rain. He was unable to advise his full name and date of birth. Juan Thomas Pascual’s ID was  confirmed with Bedford County after locating a probation slip. He was placed in custody and taken to Marshall Medical Center for a blood sample. Pascual was then taken to the Marshall County Jail for DUI. He was given a court date and a bond of $2,000. The vehicle was towed by A-Plus.

Suspicious Person/Acting Crazy

On Feb. 1, Off. Nicholas Renshaw responded to Equipment King at 445 2nd Ave North in reference to a suspicious person. Jimmy Lentz was hallucinating and having trouble walking and standing. He could not understand any questions asked and would not leave the property.

Off. Renshaw followed Lentz and assisted in getting his shoes which were located at 209 1st Ave North. He put his shoes on then laid down in the road and started digging in a storm drain. When asked to get up he responded that he could not get his snake and his girl was trapped in there. Off. Renshaw asked if he was under the influence to which he responded – his girlfriend. He then attempted multiple times to go back to the storm drain and even tried to climb into the drain. Lentz was placed in handcuffs and transported to the Marshall County Jail without incident.

Domestic Altercation

On Feb. 4, Dep. Chris Burgess was dispatched to 3604 Fuss Hollow Road in reference to a domestic altercation. Tiffany Blackwood stated her boyfriend, Michael Sullivan, had been drinking and mad because his oxygen machine was not working. He unplugged the power strip and plugged back up to fix the problem but when the machine still did not come on, he became angrier. He struck Blackwood three times in the middle of the back with the power strip cord. While Dep. Burgess was still present, Sullivan stated he was experiencing chest pains. EMS responded, evaluated Sullivan, and Sullivan refused transport. He was then placed in custody for domestic assault. Sullivan was served a warrant and bond conditions.