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Police Blotter Feb. 1, 2024

Posted on Thursday, February 1, 2024 at 12:30 pm


Deputy Bass and Deputy Shelby was dispatched to Belfast Market concerning an assault that took place at 506 Belfast-Farmington Road. Detective Tony Nicholas was on the scene and speaking to the victim, Hardin Beech. Beech stated that Joel Jones hit him in the head with a flashlight, three times, following a verbal altercation. Blood was on Beech’s sweatshirt and body as well as a laceration on the top of his head. He refused medical treatment.

Detective Nichols took a statement from Beech and Deputy Bass took photos of Beech’s injuries and clothing. Detective Nichols, Deputy Shelby, Deputy Gatlin and Deputy Bass went to 506 Belfast-Farmington Road and arrested Joel Jones for aggravated assault. Large amounts of blood was on the living room and hallway floor and photos were made. Jones was transported to the Marshall County Jail.

Pipe Bomb Found

While serving a search warrant at 1621 Richardson Road on Jan. 3, investigators found a pipe bomb inside the residence. It was found in one of the bedroom being used by Robert Brossia. The residence was evacuated and Columbia Police, Bomb Squad Unit was contacted and responded. The pipe bomb was removed from the residence and they said it was safe.


On Jan. 5, Deputy Joey Rapasky responded to 2498 Snake Creek Road in reference to a burglary. Robert Chapman stated that sometime within the last six weeks, someone broke into his barn. His garage was broken into within the last two weeks. Fencing supplies were taken from the barn and multiple hand tools and an air compressor from his garage. Approximate total of the items came to around $280.

Scam-Dog Purchase

On Jan. 8, Ivy Ramirez stated that she spoke to a female subject by phone who claimed to live in the Mt. Juliet area and had a Yorkie Terrier for sale. Ramirez said she sent the female subject a $100 down payment through Apple Pay and agreed to meet her in the Walmart parking lot in Mt. Juliet the next morning to pick up the dog. The female subject then asked for more money for vet and grooming fees so she sent a total of $405 through Apple Pay. She went to the Walmart parking lot at the time they agreed to meet and the female subject never showed up. Ramirez said the subject continued to ask her for more money. The Mt. Juliet Police Dept. referred Ramirez to the Marshall County Sheriff’s Office for the report and was given the government web site to report the scam. No suspects are known.


Deputy McKinney, on Jan. 8, responded to a 911 call of someone being chased down Fayetteville Highway. Samantha Barge was being chased by her boyfriend. Justin Pickle. McKinney spoke with her, she stated they were in an argument over phone usage, and Pickle lunged at her. He used his hands to forcibly make her hands cover her nose and mouth to keep her from yelling. She got away from him and left in her car. He then got into his truck and started chasing her. This did cause her to be in fear for her safety so she called 911 as she was driving as he attempted to block her on the roadway. Pickle was pulled over and by Sgt. Dickson in front of the Highway 50 Drive In and taken into custody for Domestic Assault and transported to jail. A court date was set and a 12 hour hold was entered into the bond conditions.

Aggravated Subject

On Jan. 10, Deputy Justice was dispatched to Collier Road in regards to explosions in the field next to a residence. The resident stated she has heard gunshots, explosions, and fireworks being set off at the end of the driveway and in the fields across from the house for three weeks now. Deputy Justice viewed a note addressed to Sue Rodriguez that threatened to assault her brothers and stated he would make it noisy if she did not unlock him from social media and talk to him. The time range of the explosions and gunshots is between 11 p.m. and 2 a.m.

On-Going Issue Between Neighbors

On Jan. 23, Deputy Gatlin was dispatched to 1469 Bridle Lane in reference to littering. Matt Davidson, the property owner, stated that Paulette Fette had thrown objects from her backyard onto his property. Deputy Gatlin saw a pile of tree branches and a garbage bag near the edge of Davidson’s property. Also stones or chunks of concrete could be seen on his driveway. He said Fette threw the chunks of concrete but did not damage his property. Davidson had a video of her actions.

Contact was made with Fette and was told there was a video of her throwing objects in Davidson’s yard. She stated that just over the fence was her property. This has been an ongoing issue between the two neighbors. She believes Davidson is trespassing on her property, burglarizing her home, and vandalizing her property. A citation for Littering was issued to Fette and a court date was set.