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Police Blotter Dec 21, 2023

Posted on Friday, December 22, 2023 at 5:00 pm


Ofc. Ray Mojica was dispatched to 656 Franklin Ave on Dec. 2, in reference to vandalism. The officer spoke with Roxanne Wilson who stated she had been away from her residence and when she arrived back home, she noticed her mailbox had been struck and she also noticed fresh tire marks from the mailbox and into her yard and back onto the road. After speaking with a neighbor, who saw the incident take place, it was reported the vehicle was a Nissan Altima or Sentra, that ran the stop sign on the corner of 7th Ave N coming onto Franklin Ave. At one time the vehicle was stuck due to the yard being muddy. After attempting multiple times to get out of the yard, the driver eventually was able to get back onto Franklin Ave. A report was made.

Possible Vandalism

Officer Glenn Smith responded to vandalism call on Dec. 4 at 2nd Ave. North. Before Ofc. Smith arrived on the scene, Cpl. Victory spoke with Anthony Dooley who stated he and Kialer Williams had gotten into a verbal argument. Dooley stated he has cameras inside the residence and he saw Williams burning something inside the house which he believes was his clothes. Ofc. Smith made contact with Williams who stated that she was not burning anything inside the residence. She did let Ofc. Smith and Sgt. Teal inside and there was no odor and or burning evidence. Dooley then arrived and said the Williams had unplugged the camera and he was not able to retrieve the footage. Cpt. Victory and Ofc. Smith stood by while Dooley collected most of his items. Williams and Dooley did come to an agreement for Dooley to come back to the resident and pick up his truck and his cameras on Dec. 10. No arrest was made due to lack of evidence.

Warrant Served

CPL Cody Schramm was dispatched to the Marshall County Jail on Dec. 6 to serve a warrant on Mitchell Tompkins for Probation Violation due to receiving a new charge of Aggravated Sexual Exploitation of a minor and was originally on probation for Domestic Assault. Mitchell was served with the warrant and has a court date of Jan 8, 2024, at 1:00 p.m. in Lewisburg City Court.

Felony Theft

On Dec. 6, Officer Glenn Smith responded to a call at 256 Cummings Circle due to a 911 open line call.  A male voice on the line could be heard saying, “Give me your ___  ___ money.”  Dorothy and Terry Stovall stated that Charles Moore was staying at their residence due to it being cold outside. Stovall was asleep on the couch in the living room when Dorothy came in and saw Moore Hovering over him. Moore then left the residence after he knew Dorothy saw him. Stovall then awoke and noticed $1,000 in cash that was in his pants pocket was gone. He also had $800 in his wallet that was also missing. The Stovalls did not see Moore with the money but did say that Moore had stolen from them in the past and that Charles “is smooth” when stealing from them. Charles was gone before units arrived on the scene. No contact was made with Moore. Charges are pending at this time for Felony Theft.


Deputy Malugin on Dec. 9 was dispatched to 1509 Lindsey Lane in Chapel Hill regarding the theft of four computer monitors. Upon arrival, Deputy Malugin encountered Ronald Ogletree and Erica Lebert and soon identified Ogletree to be the victim in the matter. He stated that on Dec. 8, his home security caught his stepson, Tavon Lillard, entering and exiting the house with the monitors in his hand and he loaded them into a Nissan Altima. The last time he saw the monitors was Dec. 7 and noticed them missing on Dec. 9. He reached out to Lillard about returning the monitors but Lillard refused to do so and admitted taking the property. Lillard does not live at the 1509 Lindsey Lane and did not have consent to be there. Ogletree received a text from Lillard that stated, “Go ahead and show the police – they can’t do nothing about it.” The stolen items are estimated to be $800 for all four. The maker model of the computer monitors being Dell or Acer.

Theft of Pressure Washer

On Dec. 11, Nicholas Renshaw responded to 1454 Saint Ann Street in reference to a theft. Upon arrival contact was made with Bradley Foss, who stated he got home from a pressure washing job on Dec. 10 around 3:30 p.m. He pulled the truck and trailer into the lot next to his house and left his Simpson ALH3228-S pressure washer on the trailer, along with t 100 ft red garden hose. On Dec. 11, he want out to detach the trailer when he noticed that his pressure washer and hose were missing. He does not know who could have taken the items. Foss listed the lost at $800. A report was made of this incident.