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Police Blotter April 4, 2024

Posted on Thursday, April 4, 2024 at 10:39 am

By Patty Blackburn

Reckless Driver

On March 19, an officer was dispatched to the area on Verona Avenue and North Ellington Parkway in regards to a reckless driver. The caller told dispatch the suspect had been all over the road since the county line between Maury and Marshall Counties and that he vehicle had struck the read end of a tractor trailer, but the driver of the vehicle did not stop. Officer Brooks was at the intersection when the vehicle came through and the vehicle was observed driving over the center line as it approached the intersection at Finley Beech Road. The vehicle pulled over in The Acres parking lot after a traffic stop was initiated. While Officer Brooks walked to the driver window, the driver began to rev the engine. When asked to place the vehicle into park, she stated that it was in park but she had her foot on the gas pedal. She was asked to take her foot off. The driver was identified as Christa Langlois and her eyes were glassy and her speech slurred. She also appeared to be confused so EMS was called to check her well being. She almost fell backwards while being treated and was transported to Marshall Medical by EMS and her husband picked up the vehicle. A search warrant was drafted for a blood draw for suspicion of DUI. This case is still active.

Stolen Trailer

On March 21, Steve Prince who resides at 1665 Jordan Lane, Lewisburg, reported that his golf cart trailer was missing. He last saw the trailer at 9:30 a.m. on March 21 and noticed it missing the same day at 1:00 p.m. He stated the value as being $1,200.

Suspicious Male

On March 21, Deputy Bermudez was dispatched to 2447 Verona Caney Road regarding a suspicious male on the complainant’s front porch. The subject had left the property and backed his vehicle up next to an old school building at 724 John Lunn Road. Deputy Bermudez saw a silver four door Ford Taurus backed next to the building with the trunk open and next to the car was Crystal Dixon. She advised she was taking pictures of the building for a friend. Dispatch advised that she was married to Daniel Dixon who had multiple active arrest warrants. Deputy Chris Burgess arrived on the scene and Dixon was asked where was her husband. When the deputies told her that a male matching his description was on the porch across the road, she denied that he was there with her.

Deputy Bermudez and Deputy Burgess began walking towards the building to search it due to no one having consent to be inside. Deputy Burgess went around the back and Deputy Bermudez entered the front. When Deputy Bermudez began to enter, Deputy Burgess yelled “Daniel Stop!” Deputy Bermudez ran back behind the building and observed Deputy Burgess in a foot pursuit after Daniel Dixon. Multiple verbal commands were given instructing Dixon to stop. He continued chasing Dixon across the field and into the woods near the back of 2508 Verona Caney Road. Dixon was tased and taken into custody. EMS was called to evaluate Dixon due to a complaint of leg pain and scratches to his face.

Capt. Jimmy Oliver arrived on the scene and he asked Dixon how he got to the property and he stated his wife drove him there. So she did not tell the truth. Crystal Dixon was advised of her rights and drug paraphernalia was found in her purse inside the vehicle.  Also found was a small glass vial with a small amount of meth. Inside the building were multiple antique hubcaps and ten similar hubcaps were located in the trunk of the Taurus. The Taurus was towed and the items in Crystal Dixon’s purse were logged into evidence. Both subjects were transported to the Marshall County Jail. A warrant was obtained on Crystal Dixon for Burglary, Theft under $1,000, Obstruction of Justice, Simple Possession of Sch. II and Unlawful Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, a bond of $10,000 and a court date of April 9, 2024. Daniel Dixon received warrants for Burglary, Theft under $1,000 and Evading Arrest, a bond of $8,000 and a court date of April 9, 2024.

Threats & Harassment

On March 24, Sgt. Matt Owens was dispatched to 1421 Sam Simpson Road in reference to threats being made and harassment. Detective Tony Nichols advised that his neighbor, Christopher Zimmer, had been calling and texting him since 5:12 p.m. Det. Nichols did speak to Zimmer by phone and asked him to stop contacting him. The last text message that Det. Nichols received was at 7:55 p.m. While speaking with Det. Nichols, Zimmer attempted to call him again. Zimmer sent text messages asking Det. Nichols to fight him, then sent a text message saying he had some people that loved to take cops out. Zimmer made several threats in-directly towards Det. Nichols in several text messages. Warrants were obtained for harassment and retaliation for past actions.

Jail Fight

On March 25, Deputy Bermudez was advised of a physical altercation between two inmates in the jail. Issac Waddelow and Vito Ecolano got into a physical fight striking each other with closed fists. Correctional Officer Nathan Johnson separated the two, moving one to a different cell. Both individuals were served with warrants for Assault and advised of their court dates set for April 30.