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Police Blotter April 18, 2024

Posted on Friday, April 19, 2024 at 12:00 pm

Arguing and Vandalism

On March 31, Corporal Turner responded to the area of Old Farmington Road. It was later determined that the incident took place in the backyard of 1525 Nashville Highway. The call was in reference to multiple subjects were arguing. Guns were involved and one subject had a rifle. Dispatch also stated that a vehicle had been hit. Corporal Turner was approached by 10-12 people after he exited his patrol vehicle. He stopped one black male who attempted to walk away from the scene. Several other officers, included deputies, began checking subjects for weapons.

Contact was made with three subjects who were sitting in a vehicle on Old Farmington Road, behind the house. The driver, Danielle Ewing, stated their friend group was invited over to fight. She said that when she arrived, everyone on the scene began yelling, and she saw Devonte Davis was armed with a rifle. She stated that Davis pointed the rifle at her, so she went back to her vehicle. As she was attempting to leave, Davis struck the rear passenger tail light with a bat. The value of the broken tail light being $200.

Contact was made with three other subjects at 1520 Old Farmington Road. They stated they observed the Nissan driving up and multiple subjects arguing. They also saw a black male holding a rifle.

Corporal Turner read Devonte Davis his Miranda Rights. Davis declined to speak with Corporal Turner. A baseball bat was located near the vehicle and was taken in for evidence. Davis was arrested for Aggravated Domestic Assault and served with warrants, bond of $7,500 and bond conditions. The vehicle that was vandalized was not registered to Ewing; therefore, no warrants were filed for Vandalism due to not having contact with the owner of the vehicle.


On April 4, at approximately 6:44 p.m., Officer Mojica was dispatched to 971 Sumerset Circle in reference to a theft/vandalism. Penny Brewer stated she went to 1653 Mooresville Highway to visit with a family member. When she was leaving and walking towards her vehicle, she noticed at white Ram Dodge 1500 truck parked extremely close to her vehicle. As she walked closer to her car, the truck pulled off immediately. She noticed a small puddle of fluid on the asphalt and smelled a strong of gasoline.

Brewer stated that after she started her car, the display showed the car was low on fuel and she had just filled the gas tank up. She then got out of her car and saw that her gas tank had been drilled through, leaving a hole in the tank. Officer Mojica observed the gas tank and saw a hole that appeared to be drilled with some kind of object. There are no cameras at NHC-Lewisburg so video was not available. The cost to repair the tank would be around $1,500. A report was completed on this incident.

911 Accidental Call

On April 5, Officer Gigliotti was dispatched to 715 Silver Street in reference to a 911 accidental call. Callers from this address were warned previously by another officer that if they misuse 911 again, they would receive a citation for Misuse of 911 Services. Officer Gigliotti had even warned them previously concerning the misuse of this service.

Contact was made with Josue Principe who stated he sat on his phone and the call was accidentally made. He was informed that he would be receiving a citation. Since March 10, 2024, a total of (17) 911 calls were made from this address, including 3 calls back to back on April 5. None of the calls required emergency services, nor was there an emergency to report. Principe was charged with Misuse of 911 Services and advised of his court date.


On April 5, Officer Renshaw responded to 960 Heil Quaker Avenue in reference to a theft.  The complainant stated that he observed that someone was in his truck, which was not locked, and items were thrown everywhere. Video footage showed a male get into the truck around 2 a.m. The only item missing was a pack of cigarettes.

Possible Burglary

On April 6, a city officer responded to 848 Todd Avenue in reference to subjects looking in vehicles. The complainant observed movement on the camera and two males were observed. One of the males entered all three of the vehicles which were unlocked. The complainant reported that nothing was missing.

Theft of a Car

On April 6, Officer Renshaw responded to 410 Saddle Wood Drive in reference to a theft of a motor vehicle. Contact was made with Quentin Crews who stated that around 11 p.m. his wife saw lights through their bedroom window and thought it was a neighbor. When she went outside to go to work at 6:45 a.m., her black 2020 Nissan Altima was gone. She believed that she left her keys in the car. They do not know who could have taken the car. No contact with the vehicle in the area and no video cameras were observed. A BOLO was issued and a report was made.