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Police Blotter

Posted on Thursday, December 7, 2023 at 2:30 pm


On Nov. 13, Cpl. Michael Daniels was dispatched to the Marshall County Sheriff’s Office to speak to Shelia Thomas concerning a theft. Thomas stated that someone had stolen tools and equipment from her shed located at 447 Coleman Street, Lewisburg. The stolen items she estimated to be $2,340 in value.

Motor Vehicle Crash

On Nov. 16, Ofc. Erik Kritz, responded to 840 Darnell Mealer Road concerning a possible motor vehicle crash. Oft. Kritz saw a truck that looked to have run off the road into the woods. The driver side door was open and he noticed Cody Jones sitting on the ground, leaning against the driver door.

Jones stated he was not injured and that he had been drinking after finding out his girlfriend had been cheating on him. CPL. Victory asked Jones if he could stand and leave the area. Jones left the area then laid down and asked if he could smoke. Jones was asked if he needed EMS but he refused. Due to his level of intoxication, Jones was placed into custody and taken to Marshall Medical for a blood draw. He was then transported to the Marshall County Jail and charged with DUI and cited with Financial Responsibility.

Glass Broken by a Bullet

On Nov. 17, Deputy Gatlin responded to 1356 Sam Simpson Road in reference to the residence being damaged by a bullet. John Whitacre, the homeowner, stated at around 11:30 a.m., his son found a hole in the window on the front of the house and the remnants of a bullet between the interior and exterior windows. They did not know the exact time this occurred but could have been Nov. 16 before 11:30 a.m. The bullet penetrated the exterior glass but did not break the second glass on the interior side. Whitacre stated that most likely this was accidental. The cost of the window glass is estimated to cost $350 to replace.

Female in Distress

On Nov. 19, Deputy Landon Callens was dispatched to 2345 Old Mooresville Pike, Lewisburg, for a female in distress asking for help. Upon arrival, Deputy Callens spoke with Dane Hargrove the homeowner who stated that a Hispanic female, who he believed to be his neighbor, ran up to his door and stated yelling for help. Hargrove showed Deputy Callens the ring doorbell footage of this incident. Hargrove stated that before he could answer the door, the female ran off. Another call came in from 1045 Poteet Road who stated that a female Hispanic also knocked on her door asking for help and they let her in the house and was found on their kitchen floor crying.

Upon making contact with the distraught female, Miranda Ramos, she stated that her friend had cut her cat’s head off. She then started running in and out of the house and ended up locking herself in the bathroom. Later, she came out, calmed down, and started talking. She stated she lived at 2341 Old Mooresville Pike. Deputy Callen took Ramos home and he asked where her friend was and she stated inside the house. No one was in the house and a back window was broken out. She stated that she did not know why. Ramos had trouble keeping complete thoughts, had slurred speech, erratic behavior, and smelled on an intoxicant beverage. She was placed under arrest for public intoxication. She stated she had drunk two beers. She was transported to the Marshall County Jail and was released to corrections without further incident. A bond was set in the amount of $500.

Tools Stolen

On Nov. 20, Lewisburg Field Training Officer Gunnar Southerland, responded to 101 Water Street, Lewisburg, in reference to theft. Kenneth Wood stated that approximately two weeks ago, he noticed someone had broken into his shed at 545 Franklin Avenue and several items were missing. One of the local pawn shops had purchased an item matching the description of his post holedigger/auger, but he stated he could not prove it was actually his.  He stated he did not have cameras and  has no suspects in mind.

Resisting Arrest

On Nov. 28, Deputy Clint Newbill responded to a mutual aid request in Chapel Hill after a call for assistance came out over the radio. Makele Scruggs refused verbal commands and actively resisted Park Rangers attempt to place him into a Chapel Hill police unit. All officers were unable to place Scruggs into the police unit as he continued to refuse to cooperate. Officers attempted to walk Mr. Scruggs to the county police unit for transport but he again resisted and had to be carried. While attempting to place him in the unit, he began to resist again by kicking and pushing away. It took several minutes to get Scruggs ready for transport to the jail, and he finally complied and offered no further resistance on the way to jail or after arriving in booking.