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Police Blotter 3-21-2024

Posted on Friday, March 22, 2024 at 4:00 pm

Hit and Run

On Feb. 23, Officer Landon Frazier, responded to a call at 1175 Franklin Road in reference to a hit and run. Contact was made with Stephen Rice who stated that Cameron Staggs had intentionally ran into his 2006 GMC Sierra with his 2012 Nissan Frontier, then left the scene. Damage was observed on the driver side rear wheel area, along with damage behind the rear wheel near the bumper.

Jennie Dobbyn told Officer Frazier that Staggs had intentionally struck Rice’s truck and she was about two feet away from the vehicles when the incident took place. Dobbyn was afraid her feet were going to be run over. Dobbyn provided a statement which explained that Staggs is her ex-boyfriend, and he and her child’s father, Rice, do not like one another.

A warrant for Vandalism and Reckless Endangerment was obtained for Staggs and he received a total bond of $10,000.


On March 11, Deputy Bermudez was dispatched to 1311 Belfast Farmington Rd., multiple times, regarding a neighbor dispute.

Contact was made with Shannon Wallace who stated that when Deputy Bermudez left the second time, David Adams, her neighbor, was cursing and threatening her and her father. Wallace then heard two loud hits, one to her car and one to her father’s shop. She then noticed the top for her sun roof was damaged and found a marble nearby. She heard Adams state, “I think I heard that one hit something.”  Wallace stated the damage is at approximately $750 to replace the sun roof.

Wallace was advised a report would be on file. Adams was not home at the time Deputy Bermudez was at the scene. Adams’ wife denied anything being thrown.

Shots Fired

On March 1, a 911 call was placed regarding three shots fired in the area of 203 L&N Avenue. Contact was made with Bobby Emler at 137 L&N Ave. who stated that he heard three shots from 203 L&N Ave. and saw two subjects, a white male and a while female leave that residence.

Contact was made with Aliyah Hickerson, Brandon Taylor, and William Russell at 203 L&N Ave. They stated they did not hear any gunshots. Another officer spoke to the two subjects who left the scene.

Cory Hood was then contacted and he stated that Felicia Pierce confronted Hickerson and Taylor about stealing their friend’s truck.

A scene came about with Hickerson attacked Pierce by pulling her hair, scratching and pushing her. Hood was struck in the head with a mason jar by Russell. None of the subjects wanted to press charges. Russell, Taylor and Hickerson had previous warrants and were detained.


On March 6, Robert Holley, an employee for Sun Drop in Pulaski, reported that one of his workers was at a gas station in Pulaski when he spotted a trailer that had a Sun Drop cooler that supposed to be at West Side Liquors/Market in Lewisburg. The contact at West Side Liquors/Market said he will get it back to the store. Holley said that the company was doing an audit and needed the cooler back. Holley was advised that a report will be completed in reference to this incident.

Drunk Driver

There was a call in reference to a drunk driver on March 6, in the area of Glenn Ave. and Saint Ann Street. When the officer was on the way, he was advised that a white male, driving a white GMC Sierra, was possibly under the influence and the subject driving was involved in a domestic.  A traffic stop was initiated on the vehicle.

Contact was made with Steven Schaffer, the driver of the GMC Sierra. He said he had a verbal argument with his ex-wife and left the house because he didn’t want anything to happen. When asked to step out of the vehicle, he said no at first, but then exited.  Schaffer performed poorly on the sobriety tests and was placed in handcuffs and transported to Marshall Medical Center for a blood draw, after a warrant was issued since he refused. Schaffer was transported to the Marshall County Jail and issued a bond of $1,000 and a court date.

Power Lines Down

On March 6, Officer Glenn Smith was dispatched to 442 Haynes Street, due to power lines down. Contact was made with Charles Miller who stated that at approximately 6:15 p.m. the power to his residence went out. When he went outside, he noticed power lines down and his electrical box ripped off his house. Miller called and reported this to LES. He believes that a large truck came down 5th Ave and hit the lines. At this time, no vehicle or suspect(s) have been located.

Domestic Assault

On March 6, at approximately 8:05 p.m., Deputy Elijah Stuard responded to 1820 Bethbirei Road in reference to a possible domestic assault. Sgt. Dickson and Deputy Stuard made contact with Shawna Stever and Dean Skinner. Stever was crying and clutching her arm which appeared to be broken and bleeding. While waiting on an ambulance, Stever stated that Skinner became angry when he discovered she went through his phone and saw he had been texting another female. He started breaking things and throwing her around. He hit her with a black piece of metal as well as various surfaces in the residence. The metal bar was recovered and it matched up with her injury.

Skinner stated another story. He said that she discovered him texting another female and that once he entered the bedroom, which was dark, Shawna jumped on him causing both to fall into the dresser- thus breaking her arm. Due to statements made and evidence gathered, Dean Skinner was arrested for Aggravated Domestic Assault, taken to the Marshall County Jail and served with a warrant, bond of $7,500.

Motor Vehicle Crash

On March 7, Officer Erik Kritz responded to 1199 Nashville Hwy. in reference to a motor vehicle crash, which occurred at the red light where the bridge is under construction. James Isom stated he was struck in the rear of his vehicle while sitting at the red light, waiting for the light to turn green.  The driver of the vehicle that hit him did not attempt to slow down.

Eric Compton said he did not see a red light and hit Isom’s vehicle. Compton was unsteady on his feet, had slurred speech, and his eyes were glossy. He stated he had taken several prescribed meds. He was placed into custody, a search warrant for a blood draw was obtained, then transported to jail for Driving Under the Influence, bond of $500.

Theft of Property

On March 8, Lewisburg Police Officer W. Evans was dispatched to 3 J’s Recycling at 1424 Higgs Road in Lewisburg in reference to theft. Officer Evans made contact with the owner, James Grooms, who stated that Cody Jett (DOB 8/26/1989) had stolen aluminum sub-frames from his business and this act was caught on camera. Officer Evans reviewed the security footage and identified the subject as Jett who loaded a trailer with wood pallets. Grooms said that he has previously given Jett permission to get pallets from time to time.

Jett then loaded up 15 aluminum sub-frames which totaled $2,505. Grooms said he contacted scrap yards and Park City Recycling informed him that Jett brought the frames in on March 8, and the items were documented and photographed and Jett’s finger prints were taken, as well as a photo of him.

Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office was notified to locate Jett and he was taken into custody and transported to the Marshall County Sheriff’s Office to be booked. The warrants were for Theft of Property over $2,500 and driving on a suspended license. Bond set at $7,000.