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Police Blotter

Posted on Friday, November 17, 2023 at 4:00 pm

Police Blotter


The Marshall County Communication Center received a call on Oct. 19 for a burglary alarm at 1636 Tyree Road. Sgt Dickson and Dep. Stuard responded and when arriving on the scene, they met with Bob Walls and his wife who help manage the property for the owner, James Tyree, a resident of Nashville. When checking the exterior of the residence, it was discovered that the rear entry door had been broken into. After clearing the residence, Mr. and Mrs. Walls advised that nothing looked out of place besides the broken rear door. Dep. Stuard then made contact with James Tyree and advised him of the situation. Photos were taken of the damaged door, which was estimated to be approximately $300. The investigation along with all photos and reports have been turned over to the Detectives Division.

Stolen Trailer

Deputy Malugin on Oct. 19, made contact with Larry Smith in reference to a stolen trailer. He stated that he believed the perpetrator had pulled into a field near his barn where the trailer was parked, took the trailer, and left. Smith advised that the perpetrator closed the gate once they left. Drag marks leading out of the field on the gravel driveway onto the roadway were visible with tire markings on the roadway also visible. The last time Smith saw the trailer was at midnight, on Oct. 17, and he noticed it missing Thursday morning, Oct. 19, at 7 a.m. The trailer’s description is 16 feet long, 4 wheels, all black with a 5 foot high gate at the back; brand new wood floor paneling and a jack at the front. The lights on the back of the trailer do not work.


On Oct 21, at approx. 4:00 a.m., Officer Binkley was dispatched to 312 Preston Ave. in reference to vandalism. Officer Binkley spoke to Dylan Rakes and his girlfriend, Alexis Aviles. Rakes stated that had just arrived at their apartment and found a broken liquor bottle near their front door. He also found a bedroom window broken out and all the Halloween decorations has been torn down and scattered on the front lawn. Nothing appeared to be missing in the apartment and no one had gained entry into the apartment.

When Binkley spoke to Rakes alone, Rakes stated he had just seen Aviles’ ex-boyfriend at the Gas-n-Go Gas Station on Highway 50 and hour before they arrived at their apartment. He believed that he may have been the one who committed the vandalism. Rakes then stated that Aviles spoke to Austin Newcurt and he denied this. Newcurt did tell Aviles that Patrick Gordon and CJ Pittman committed the vandalism and a female names “Hannah” drove them to the apartment. All three subjects reside in Mt. Pleasant and could not be located at the time of the report

Stolen Vehicles Located

On Oct. 25, Cpl. Michael Daniels was notified in reference to locating a stolen vehicle out of Murfreesboro with the complainant being the victim of the theft. Stephen Shepard stated by phone that he had found out that he could track his vehicle through the Sirius XM radio and the location was behind a residence on 1260 Franklin Road. Cpl. Daniels advised Shepard that he would drive to that location and check the area for the vehicle in question, a black Dodge Ram with black off-set rims. After searching the area, the truck was located. A 2022 Hyundai Sonata was also observed. Tags were run on both vehicles and both came back stolen. Both vehicles were towed to the City Impound lot.

Drug Activity

At approx. 1:22 p.m. on Oct. 26, Lewisburg police officers went to Harmon Park in reference to drug activity. While inspecting the bathrooms, officers made contact with Dedrick Nichols and Melissa Richards. During their encounter, Officer Evans found a small bag that contained syringes loaded with a liquid believed to be melted methamphetamine and a work ID card for Richards near the children’s playground.

Captain Cook found in a grass area a glass pipe and a bag of a crystal like substance believed to be meth in the amount of 1.3 grams. Both parties denied ownership. Det. Sgt. Crawford stated he observed the two in the grass area upon his arrival to the park. It’s believed the two concealed the items in the grass to avoid detection by law enforcement. Nichols and Richards were taken into custody and transported to the Marshall County Jail for simple possession schedule 11, unlawful drug paraphernalia and tampering with evidence. They are scheduled to appear in Lewisburg city Court and received a $11,000 bond.

Unlawful Drugs

On Oct. 26, Lewisburg Police Officer Evans conducted a patrol of Harmon Park when he noticed a white male sitting in the bathroom smoking a glass pipe. Officer Evans ordered the subject to show his hands, when the subject tossed an item into the bathroom sink. The subject was then placed in hand restraints and the item was retrieved from the sink which was a glass pipe containing meth. Upon searching the subject, a small bag of a crystal substance and two more glass pipes were found. The subject was then identified as Kristopher Henson. A citation was issued to Henson for simple possession and unlawful drug paraphernalia.

Motor Vehicle Accident

Nicholas Renshaw, on Oct. 26, responded to the area of Midway St. by Cornersville Rd. in reference to a motor vehicle accident with injuries. Contact was made with Milton Smith, the driver of a black 2006 Mercedes CLS. Smith stated he believed he fell asleep because of the medication that he took. This is when the front side of his vehicle struck the side of the bridge. Damage to the vehicle was found to be consistent with his statement.

While Smith was checked out by EMS, he stated he had drunk two beers approx. two hours ago. He was then cleared by EMS. When Officer Renshaw asked Smith if he had anything to drink, he stated he had two cocktails about one hour ago. He also stated he could not perform any standard field sobriety tests due to a traumatic brain injury that he sustained in the war and surgery that he recently had on his right leg. A moderate odor of alcohol was detected. Smith was then placed in handcuffs and transported to Marshall Medical Center where he refused to give a blood sample for testing. A search warrant was then obtained and after receiving the evidence, Smith was transported to the Marshall County Jail and charged with DUI and implied consent. He has a bond of $2,000 and a court date was set.

Equipment Theft

On Oct. 27, Officer McCafferty was dispatched to 493 Manor Circle in reference to a theft. Steven Darnell stated his employees were working on a new construction until approximately 6:30 p.m. on Oct. 26. When they arrived on the morning of Oct. 27, several items were missing from the property. Darnell is the victim of the following items: Stihl blower, Ridgid shop vac, Dewalt drill, 100 ft extension cord, all valued at $540. Anibal Espana is the victim of these items: two Little Giant ladders, valued at $400. It is unknown at this time who the suspect is.

Failure to provide service

Deputy Malugin, on Oct. 27, spoke to Joshua Edlin about a failure to provide service paid for. In March 2023, Edlin stated he hired Tyler Helton for contract work to remodel his bathroom to the sum of $7,600. In the beginning, Helton provided good work but worked slow and stopped showing up and eventually never came back. Edlin stated he has not been able to get in contact with Helton since July of this year. The total amount of work Edlin stated that Helton completed was approximately $1,600.


On Oct 29, Deputy Elijah Stuard observed a red F150 traveling north on Nashville Hwy. The truck drove on the curb of the road for several feet then began driving in the wrong lane of travel. The vehicle was stopped and the driver Armando Rodriguez stated he had a suspended license. An odor of alcohol was detected and Rodriguez’s words were slurred. He advised he consumed three beers. While explaining Standardized Field Sobriety Testing, Rodriguez stated, “No. Take me to jail.”

He was arrested and transported to Marshall Medical where he did not consent for a blood draw. A search warrant was obtained and the lab staff did draw his blood. He was then transported to the Marshall County Jail and was served for DUI, and given a $500 bond and a court date.