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Police Blotter 12-28-23

Posted on Saturday, December 30, 2023 at 2:00 pm

Police Blotter

Forged Check Attempted

Ofc. McCafferty was dispatched to 500 North Ellington Parkway, First Commerce Bank, on Dec. 8, in reference to a male subject attempting to cash a forged check. Upon arrival, contact was made with Pavlova Greggs who stated the male subject, who identified himself as Robert Keene, attempted to cash a check signed by David Kennedy. The check was from Southern Carton Company, Inc, issued to Robert Keene and signed by Robert Keene on the recipient line. Greggs said they attempted to contact Kennedy by phone and the subject left prior to making contact with the company. Greggs said when contact was made with Southern Carton Company, Inc., they stated no one at the company wrote or signed the check.

Ofc. McCafferty contacted David Kennedy who stated the check was not written by him. The check was sealed and placed into the evidence locker room. No contact has been made with Robert Keene at this time.

Expired Registration leads to more charges

On Dec. 8, Ofc. Smith was traveling north on 5th Avenue North, approaching North Ellington when he noticed a gray jeep with an expired registration. As the jeep turned into Walmart, Ofc. Smith activated his emergency equipment, signaling the driver to stop. Contact was made with the driver who was identified as Michael Perry. After dispatch ran his name, it was discovered that Perry had an active warrant out of Maury County for failure to appear, as well as a suspended driver’s license. After speaking with the subject, he stated he had a pipe inside his vehicle. Two glass pipes were found, one with black residue inside of it and the other with white residue. Perry was then placed under arrest for driving without a driver’s license, issued a citation for Drug Paraphernalia and Simple Possession of Schedule VI, and a citation for an expired registration.

Aggravated Assault

Ofc. Glenn Smith responded to 203 L & N Avenue, on Dec. 11, due to a threat to the homeowner. Billy Wright stated that James Lentz was threatening him in his yard. Wright then said that on Nov. 11, 2023, Lentz placed a knife up to his neck but did not report this due to him thinking this would resolve itself and go away. Sgt. Teal and Ptl. Frazier made contact with Lentz in Wright’s backyard under his carport and detained him due to this incident. Ptl. Kritz transported Lentz to the Lewisburg Police Department for further questioning. Ofc. Smith made contact with Lentz but Lentz did not talk about the incident. Lentz was then transported to the Marshall County Jail and served with a warrant for Aggravated Assault. Bond was set at $7,500.

 Neighbor Dispute

On Dec. 13, Deputy Christopher Burgess responded to a call of a neighbor dispute involving one neighbor throwing trash and other items in the other neighbor’s yard. Contact was made with Michael Davidson who said his elderly neighbor, Paulette Fette, threw trash and tree limbs into his yard. This had been previously reported to the Sheriff’s Office a couple of times in the past. The neighbor was charged with vandalism to one of the complainant’s vehicles when she dumped cat litter on the windshield and in the truck bed.

Deputy Burgess made contact with Fette and found her to be alert and aware of her surroundings, but she displayed a paranoia that someone was breaking into her house and messing with her air conditioner, car keys, and said someone filled her soap bottles with water. She accused the neighbor of dumping a fallen tree in her yard which were actually limbs that had fallen from her trees. Fette had thrown a rock near the truck belonging to Davidson.

In the past, Fette’s family was contacted to assist her but she remains living home alone. The living conditions inside Fette’s home were found to be orderly and clean and she answered questions used to determine if she is of sound mind to make a medical decision. She denied EMS. An APS (Adult Protective Services) referral was submitted. Davidson did not want charges to be made in reference to the littering on his property.

Possible Burglary Call

Ofc. Erik Kritz responded to 538 N Ellington Pkwy. in reference to a possible burglary on Dec. 14. When he arrived on the scene, he noticed glass panes of the front doors were taken out. Mik Patel arrived shortly and said he saw on the store cameras that a man had taken out the glass panel but did not enter the store.

The camera footage showed at 4:00 a.m. a male approaching the front door and had a big bag on his back. At 4:02 a.m. the male subject pulled out the glass panel and set it to the side. Then at 4:03 a.m. the male ran away from the door and went toward Little Caesars. At 4:05 a.m., a dark colored truck left Little Caesars, turned on the lights, turned onto N Ellington, then turned on Old Farmington. The truck had the tailgate down. Ofc. Frazier saw a green Chevy truck with the tailgate down at 932 Old Farmington Road. Patel said it will cost approximately $300 to have the door repaired.