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Police Blotter 1-12-2024

Posted on Friday, January 12, 2024 at 1:00 pm

Police Blotter

Check Cashed without Permission

On Dec. 19, Elisabeth McMillian stated she discovered someone has cashed a check in the amount of $14,900 without her permission. The bank confirmed the funds were missing from her account but the check had not been cashed at bank. They were not sure if the check had been cashed by personal or electronic means or at which bank location. The check had her name on it and was made out to a Thomas Hum and signed by an unknown person. She stated she did not know Hum nor the person who signed the check. All information was turned over to the Criminal Investigation Division and there are no known suspects as of Dec. 19, 2023.


In Dec. 22, Officer Glenn Smith responded to Haynes and 3rd Avenue. Contact was made with Eduardo Balderas who was sitting in a Ford F150. While exiting the truck, Balderas was very unsteady on his feet but he stated he had not been drinking or had not taken any drugs. He was not able to follow direction to the sobriety tests, was taken for a blood draw, and placed under arrest for DUI and his driver’s license was expired. A bond was set for $500 as well as a court date.

Unruly Female Served a Warrant

On Dec. 24, Deputy Chris Burgess went to 3190 Hobo Shaw Road to serve a warrant on Lydia Shepherd. Deputy Bermudez made contact and advised her that she was under arrest for a failure to appear warrant. She requested to use the bathroom and proceeded downstairs, slammed and locked the door at the bottom of the stairs, then ran. Her father gave verbal permission to kick the door open as no key was available. Shepherd was located in a locked closet in the basement and taken into custody. She was served with two warrants – failure to appear and for evading arrest.

Gun Incident

On Dec. 29, Deputy Landon Callens was dispatched to a gun incident. James and Edward Cates stated that Jackie Seagroves started an argument with James and drove off. James said that he and his ex-girlfriend had been arguing over their children and he received a text from her stating to come outside. They argued and Seagroves stepped in and threatened to physically harm James. James then threatened to stab Seagroves with a knife and Seagroves threatened to shoot James. Seagroves went to his vehicle and pulled out what James believed to be a pistol and fired it in the air. James ran to his truck and grabbed his shotgun and chased after them as they drove off. Edward stopped James from firing at them as well as chasing them. Deputy Callens then tried to make contact with the ex-girlfriend but to no avail. No warrants or arrests were issued due to lack of evidence.


On Dec. 31, Officer Brandon Gigliotti was dispatched to 540 Forrest Street in reference to burglary. Lillian Behr stated that the door to her 2016 Kia Forte was open and she noticed that the ignition system had been tampered with and damaged. None of the items in the car were taken but she was not able to insert her key into the ignition and start her car.

Previously that same evening, Officer Gigliotti was dispatched to 517 Maple Street in reference to two individuals attempting to break into cars around the area. He saw a person in all black clothing running through the backyards on Maple Street. The officer then attempted to locate the subject where a woman stated that the person ran in the direction of a suspicious vehicle that Officer Brooks has just called about. It is believed that the vehicle and subject that fled is connected to the incident at 540 Forrest Street.