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Pickle saves a life

Posted on Thursday, June 20, 2024 at 12:00 pm

By Patty Blackburn

Jayce with his three children, CT, Morgan, and Tatum.

Jayce Pickle, a firefighter and advanced emergency medical technician, employed with the Franklin Fire Department, has made headlines for saving a 74 year old gentleman’s life.

Pickle, who is a 2002 Cornersville High School graduate, was in attendance at Cornersville High School’s 2024 graduation ceremony on May 16, when a gentlemen suddenly collapsed while standing at one end of the gymnasium. When Pickle heard him hit the floor, his training immediately took over. He could not find a pulse and started CPR after realized he was in full cardiac arrest. An AED was administered but it stated “shock not advised,” because the gentlemen had a faint pulse, thanks to Pickle’s quick response. He was alert by the time he was loaded into the ambulance and taken to the hospital where he stayed a few days and was released.

Soon after May 16, Pickle was one of four Franklin Firefighters deployed to Bryan, Texas as part of a Tennessee Task Force 2 Type 1 Swiftwater Search and Rescue Team. This team helped with water rescues, storm damage assistance, and other emergency responses after the town’s severe storms and flooding. While he was in Texas, his family and friends in Tennessee were busy talking about what he did on May 16 and how proud they were of him for saving the man’s life. So many comments were posted from family and friends on Facebook.

When Pickle arrived home from Texas, Andy Cordan from WKRN News 2 interviewed him concerning the May 16 incident which was on TV several times. Later, Pickle received a phone call from a producer with Good Morning America. This interview aired on Sunday, June 16.

“I didn’t realize this was such a big thing,” stated Pickle. “This is what I am trained to do – to save lives. I’m glad I was there to help that night and hope he is doing well.”

Pickle is such a humble man and says this is what he is trained to do, to save lives. But the gentleman that he administered CPR to, the gentleman that is alive today because of him, has to be so very thankful for Jayce Pickle’s quick response.