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Paying it Forward

Posted on Thursday, February 15, 2024 at 2:45 pm


Cornersville Elementary: Student Cole Tindell & Cafeteria Manager Tammy Birdsong

Cole Tindell has raised $300 for his school, Cornersville Elementary School! He drew and colored several pictures to sell to raise funds to pay lunch debts for some of his peers at school. He was able to raise $300 so far including $22 of his own money. He even chipped in $3 from the tooth fairy!

Cole’s parents, Casey and Dennis Tindell, sent The Post pictures of some of his artwork along with a picture of him presenting the $300 to cafeteria manager Tammy Birdsong.

Food Service Supervisor Larissa Delk said, “His donation was $300 and at the time, students at Cornersville Elementary owed $816. A lot of these charges will be paid by their parents. But we are never going to deny a child a hot meal regardless if they pay or not.”

Cole already has a heart of service even at the early age of 7. His mom hopes that by spreading his good deed, others will be encouraged to do the same – if they can.

Artwork of Toad from “Super Mario Bros.” by Cole Tindell

Delk added that every school in our county had about the same amount due that Cornersville Elementary had. “That amount does change daily. But for kids today, there are a lot more things in the world to worry about. Maybe they don’t have the money to pay or maybe mom’s lost her job. We just try to be very sensitive to what kids are going through and we want lunch and breakfast to be a happy time.”

If anyone would like to pay it forward like Cole did and contribute to Marshall County Schools cafeteria debts, you can! To contribute to a particular school, you must contact the cafeteria manager of that school to do so. But, if you just want to pay it forward and don’t have a particular school in mind, please reach out to Larissa Delk at the Marshall County Board of Education at 931-359-1581 or email her at

Let’s see if Cole’s act of service can start a movement in Marshall County!