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Nissan North America makes Donation

Posted on Friday, March 29, 2024 at 12:00 pm

(L-R)  CTE Director Frank Musgrave; Industrial Maintenance instructor Danny Adams; Wayne Ellington, Nissan North America; and Automotive instructor Jerry Hooper. 

Marshall County School System, Lewisburg, TN, is delighted to announce Nissan North America’s recent donation of a 2016 LEAF EV vehicle to Spot Lowe Technology Center’s Automotive Maintenance and Light Repair program.

“We cannot thank Nissan North America enough for this generous donation, as our students in the program will need to be trained on both electric and combustion engines as they pursue a career in the automotive industry,” stated CTE Director Frank Musgrave.

Nissan’s Philanthropy group offered the vehicle, which cannot be driven on the road, retagged, or resold.  Spot Lowe students have begun hands-on training on the LEAF under the direction of instructor Jerry Hooper.

“We are very, very appreciative of how supportive Nissan has been of our program over the years and this is the fourth vehicle they have donated to us,” stated Mr. Hooper. “It is such a unique opportunity that our students will be able to work on and become knowledgeable of this advanced technology.”