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New Interactive Technology

Posted on Tuesday, December 19, 2023 at 1:45 pm

Marshall Elementary School Launches New Interactive Technology

Marshall Elementary is now utilizing the Lü Interactive technology during physical education classes and other activities. Designed by educators for educators, the Lü technology integrates physical activity with academics to improve both students’ health and achievement.

The system uses light, sound, and dozens of interactive apps from math to meditation, to actively engage students in a larger-than-life learning experience. Lü applications cover all subject matter from Mathematics to STEAM, Physical Education, Languages, Geography and more. The technology includes tools and utilities such as timers, digital scoreboards, and team creators. Many of the applications incorporate play balls thrown at the wall.

Installed over fall break, the platform is being used in physical education classes, as well as at the the recent fall festival.  Lü’s immersive technology transforms the gymnasium into an active learning environment where students are engaged physically, intellectually and socially-emotionally all the while having tons of fun. PE teachers Karah McMahon and Beau Hardison use a controller to change up the games and activities, the teams and the timers.

“We are so excited to have the Lü and all of its apps that are available,” states Ms. McMahon, “the students are enjoying learning different subjects while being active and having fun. The Lü will help supplement what they are learning in the classroom.”