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Meth Exposure at Summit Apartments

Posted on Thursday, July 4, 2024 at 12:00 pm

Lewisburg Police Officers, Gigliotti and Evans were dispatched to the Summit Apartments, 730 Franklin Ave., Lewisburg, on Friday, June 28, 2024, in reference to a suspicious smell, possibly meth cooking.

When Officer Gigliotti arrived at Apt. 233 and opened the door, he was exposed to a plume of smoke. He made contact with Cathy Buttrey and Danny King inside Nathan Perryman’s apartment, and all were advised to leave. Officer Evens then requested EMS, non-emergency, since Officer Gigliotti was experiencing symptoms of meth exposure. He was taken to Marshall Medical Center.

On June 29, 2024, Lewisburg Police Officers were again dispatched to the Summit Apartments in reference to a welfare check. The tenant living above Apt. 233 stated he could smell chemicals coming from the air vents. Corporal Turner, Field Training Officer Evans, and Recruit Officer Eppes responded. Upon entering the third floor, officers smelled what appeared to be a burnt chemical smell with a metallic taste in the air. The tenant was transported by EMS to the hospital for signs of methamphetamine exposure.

The Lewisburg Fire Department ordered the building to be evacuated and Officer Evans notified Captain Cook and Sergeant Robertson of the order. EMS was also standing by. Officers immediately exited the building and the fire alarm was pulled to inform all inside to leave the building. Officer Evans and CPL Turner put on gas masks and re-entered the building to assist in the evacuation. When they went to Apt. 233, they observed Shannon Perryman, Nathan Perryman, and an unidentified white male inside the apartment. All persons were out of the building without incidents and the fire department was alerted of one tenant who was bedridden.

After exiting the building, CPL Turner and FTO Evans were quarantined by the Lewisburg Fire Department for decontamination. Marshall County Hazmat conducted a sweep of the building and the building was cleared. Shannon Perryman and Nathan Perryman were detained and interviewed by a 17th Drug Task Force Special Agent and released. Both Perryman subjects stated they were smoking meth on Friday night in the apartment but denied making meth.

Marshall County Emergency Management Agency declared the scene safe and tenants were allowed to return inside.