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Chapel Hill’s Youngest Author

Posted on Sunday, November 12, 2023 at 10:00 am

Children tell the best stories, but they don’t usually turn into published books. From the bright imagination of a 4-year-old Tennessee boy, a villain and hero collide in the new book “Good Manners Boy”.

As is common with children, sometimes their excitement gets the best of them, and they cause an accident. In the book, a frustrated boy is tempted to choose the path of Sticker-bush Man, the villain of his imagination, but wonders if there is a better path.

“Good Manners Boy” is available to purchase through West Bow Press.

Daniel Cartwright, having just learned how to spell his name, has been capturing the attention of friends and family with his stories before they could even understand what he was saying. Elizabeth Cartwright has spent most of her life in Chapel Hill with her husband, Zach, and two children, Daniel and Liam. Most of their time together is spent acting out scenes from their favorite superhero movies, suited up and ready to avenge. They look forward to the bright future that lies ahead for these crime-fighting boys.